Chris Alfthan, photographer.
I was born in Finland and raised abroad, growing up in the Caribbean, South East Asia and Europe. Having returned to Finland in 2010, I began taking photographs as a way to feed my creativity. My work focuses on the outdoors and the fantastic experiences that can be had out there. Living close to nature has always been a priority so I moved out to a cabin by the sea. Aside from the occasional trip, I spend my time photographing close to home. 
As an avid outdoors enthusiast, I always have my camera with me outside as unscripted moments in nature can come and go in an instant yet a photograph lasts forever. I find it exciting how a single photograph can evoke and elicit so many different memories and emotions - this is what I hope to achieve with my photographs.
I am readily available for work. Based in southern Finland, available worldwide. Please get in touch if you think my photography style suits your needs. 
 Thank you for visiting!
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